A tradition of a genuinely warm welcome and first rate friendly service, is the hallmark of the friendliest watering hole in Deventer. Whether you are alone or with a group of friends, the craic is mighty and you will always feel at home at The Irish Elk. Overseas and out of town visitors will find our staff to be a valuable mine of information on Deventer’s history and sights and can recommend others places to visit to make your stay a memorable time.

The Irish Elk has it all… The Whiskey Collection… The Beer Garden… The Food… The Atmosphere… The Music Sessions… The Competent and Friendly Staff… The Best pint of Guinness and Oh, the craic is mighty!

Every Last Friday Of The Month: LIVE MUSIC

Mondays: Endless Ribs

Wednesdays: Beer&Burger


Irish word for fun/enjoyment that has been brought into the English language. Usually when mixed with alcohol and/or music.
‘Bhi craic agus ceol againn’ : We had fun and music. Fun doesn’t really cut it though. General banter, good times had by all. Also, a person who is good fun/great company.


  • It was great craic.
  • She’s great craic when she gets going.
  • He’s great craic when he has a few pints on him.
  • What’s the craic?
  • How’s the craic?
  • The craic was mighty.


Why are all things ancient and Irish always so complicated? For the giant Irish Elk turns out to be neither exclusively Irish, nor an elk. He was a species of Megalo- ceros, and was the largest deer that ever walked this planet. He actually roamed across the plains and low- lands of Europe, Africa and Asia, but became known as the Irish Elk due to the large number of skele- tons found in Irish bogs.

The average male stood about 2 metres tall at the shoulders (that’s nearly 7ft!), and his antlers would have extended up to 4 metres across (12ft), and weighed up to 40 kgs (88lbs)… that’s huge! His antlers were palm-li- ke in structure, much like those of a fallow deer. It is quite likely that they would have been shed every year, just like those of the modern deer. Despite its great size, its skeleton suggests that it was built for long distance running, so it would have been able to outrun predators without tiring.

  • “ Cozy furnishings! Irish ladies in the ministry ... ”

    Gezellig ingericht! Ierse dames in de bediening…

  • “ Nice place on the Brink, first impression is fine! Guinness, pub food, friendly staff, Irish music! ”

    Mooie plek aan de Brink, eerste indruk is prima! Guinness, pub food, vriendelijk personeel, Ierse muziek!

  • “ Great irish pub! Good food and drink, 2 days in a row! All in all a great bar ”

    Geweldige irish pub! 2 dagen op rij lekker gegeten en gedronken! Al met al een toptent

  • “ Very cozy pub you think you are in Ireland, everything is Irish, drink, food, music; GREAT !! ”

    Hele gezellige kroeg je waant je in Ierland, alles is Iers, drank, eten, muziek, top!!

  • “ Sociability, beer and good food with Irish music in the speakers. It can hardly be better. ”

    Gezelligheid, bier en lekker eten met Iers muziek in de speakers.

    Beter kan het bijna niet.